GMO Wheat

The wheat we have today is genetically modified “GMO” and no longer resembles the original natural grain. Gluten proteins with a very different structure from the original have been created in laboratories. The body however, has not ‘modified’ to use them.

Is it any wonder that so many people have gluten sensitivities?

These are allergic reactions that did not simply emerge from out of nowhere. They are man-made problems created by science.

The results of fiddling with nature cause the diseases we see today. Wheat diets are related to digestive diseases (like celiac), obesity, diabetes, heart disease and even arthritis, osteoporosis, lupus and dementia.

Farm subsidies have made cereal grains inexpensive filler products used in most processed foods so everyday consumption is high, and deadly.

Invented by humans, genetically modified, or GMO, wheat was conceived to withstand drought, cold climates, and insect damage for increased crop yields. This goal sounds like an honorable task when higher food production could potentially feed more of the world’s populations.

However no thought, understanding or testing has been, nor is being done, to document the effects these genetically modified creations have on the natural world, animals or people. For instance, the genetic coding in GMO plants that helps them produce their own pesticides is being incorporated into our DNA when we eat the produce or the animals that are fed cereal grains.

Public health experts and nutritionists admitted years ago there are few natural ingredients left in wheat.

Studies about wheat indicate that both, “white bread and whole wheat bread increase blood glucose more than pure sugar.”2 When insulin and blood sugar levels rise and fall rapidly we constantly feel hungry and therefore eat more. Excess weight and obesity are epidemic.

A wheat-rich diet also causes the body to become acidic (Acidosis). Calcium leaches from bones in attempts of returning to more alkaline conditions, eventually leading to osteoporosis.

Watch this very important presentation from Natural News to gain your understanding of how this is happening. How GMO foods alter organ function and pose a very real health threat to humans.

Monsanto and DuPont are the leaders in GMO seed production. Neither believes it necessary to undergo clinical trials for cause and effect behavior. And, our Canadian and U.S. governments refuse to take a stand to protect its electorates.

Other countries of the EU label the products containing GMO’s. We do not. We are kept ignorant and are offered no visible purchasing choice. It boils down to pure greed and exploitation of our world.

Disregard of our natural environment over the past 100 years has manifested into the increasing frequency of diseases unheard of in previous decades. The situation is so critical that children born today are the first generation not expected to outlive their parents.

It began with pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals; used so extensively that testing umbilical cord blood of newborns indicates 287 different toxins in babies before they even take their first breath.1 These toxins exist because they circulate in the mother’s blood through her exposure to them in our environment.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers 60 percent of all herbicides (weed killers), 90 percent of all fungicides (mold killers), and 30 percent of all insecticides (insect killers), potentially cancer causing.

The problems compounded with the introduction of GMO’s to further cause a slow extinction of our natural environment and health. Super-weeds, sterile plant seeds and animals are not the only concerns. There has been a decrease in human fertility which is believed to be strongly related to GMO products and our toxic environment. This is a really sad note for those couples wanting children.

Proponents say the world will evolve to adapt to these changes. Perhaps that is true, but, we won’t be around to see it. The evolution of human beings takes far, far longer than our presently set road to self-extinction.

Death however occurs at the molecular level. We cannot evolve into anything positive by creating pesticides in our guts because the DNA for them has been incorporated into our diets. What we do create is cancer, infertility and the host of other health issues mentioned earlier.

Wheat is not the only culprit. We must also be cautioned about corn, soy and canola. There are still non-GMO varieties available, although they are becoming harder to find.

Look at the labels for processed foods. Wheat, corn syrup, corn solids and soy are in the ingredients … even in dog food. Dogs are carnivores! Avoid these; for yourself and your pets.

Begin to Change Your Life and Health

1) The solution suggested by researchers is to eliminate all wheat products from the diet and reduce your processed food consumption. Today, there is no longer a known tolerance level for consumption.

The good news is that obese patients lost 30 lbs. in six months on a wheat-free program and other health problems either reduced or disappeared.

The alternative to eating GMO wheat, corn, soy or canola oil … is organic whole food. Still available in natural form are buckwheat, legumes, millet, nuts, quinoa, rice, rice meal, soy meal and soy flour. Make certain the label says ‘organic’ (80% natural), or better yet; ‘certified organic’ (100%).

2) Use an effective detox to flush your entire body of the build-up of toxins. If we do not get rid of the bad things plugging up the cells and organs of the body, there is no room for introduction of the good nutrients. Dr. Karl Mauro has more information on why you should detox and the 21-day detox program that really works. I follow it and the results are amazing for feeling and looking good and for extra energy.

3) Become a vocal advocate for healthy food choices. Tell everyone you know what the facts are and what can be done to overcome the problems of 21st century living in a toxic and GMO environment. Share the information from with your friends at your favorite social site; like Facebook and Twitter. Show everyone that you care about the things that are happening to them and our world.


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